Building a World where
Business Growth is Effortless

Building a World where Business Growth is Effortless

We are on a Mission to make it easy for businesses sell more.


Effortless Business Growth

It is hard for SMEs to create sustainable growth for their businesses. This is because they are resource-capped, they can't afford professional staff, don’t have marketing and sales processes, and the owners are overwhelmed running daily operations in the business.

Campaignity is changing the way businesses thrive. Our vision is a world where business growth is Effortless, by building easy-to-use Marketing and Sales automation tools.

We’re on a mission to Make it Easy for Businesses to Sell More.

Our Products

Our solutions are tailored to simplify your marketing and sales efforts, making business growth accessible and effortless.


Klark.IO is a digital marketing service dedicated to empowering SMEs with professional and effective, yet affordable marketing services.


Neexa.AI is your AI-driven sales assistant, designed to address customer objections, negotiate and close deals on your behalf, — 24/7🚀

For Partnership or Inquiries

For Partnership or Inquiries